Nativetext offers internet-based bulk SMS messaging services, which allows people to send messages directly to mobile phones all over the world using any internet connection!
Our systerm can be used for:

  • Sms Banking
  • Transaction notification
  • Wedding Invitation
  • Birthday Invitation
  • Meeting Notification
  • Political Awareness/ Campaign
  • Special Seasons Greetings

SMS Marketing is the use of SMS medium as a communication channel between brands and end users that guarantees direct interaction with users. Its a cost effective advertising strategy with a unique, thought streamlining selling point, as the readers, though, forced to read the message, eventually finds the words sinking into their mind sub-consciously. These striking benefits among others distinguish SMS Marketing from other form of marketing:

  • Personal- Its an effective direct communication to the individual
  • Cost Effective- Significantly cheaper than other media
  • High Reach- 25% response rate at first contact and up to 45% with multiple contact
  • Viral- Research reveals that those who get the message often ask others about it and by that, the message spreads
  • Prompt Delivery- Anytime / Anywhere, the message gets there instantly
  • Reference- Messages can be stored and referred later

SMS Marketing application could be deployed for:

  • Product Launch
  • Sales Promotion
  • Brand Awareness
  • Event Promotion
  • Market Research
  • Advert Based Promotion
  • Mobile Coupon

Nativetext provides additional services to execute a SMS Marketing campaign.

Target Marketing- Well crafted messages are pushed to the target audience. You may have your own list or for an additional fee, market on Nativetext’s growing database.